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Cosplayer Ammie > Costume of Sailor Moon from Sailor Moon

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Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Fan Expo Canada / CN Anime Expo 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
The leotard is spandex (ultra expensive spandex that literally breaks the bank!) but it’s the best and highest end stuff out there! The leotard is lined throughout the bodice with swimsuit liner just for extra modesty.
The leotard is sectioned off into 3 parts: the upper bodice, the middle bodice and the underwear. The sleeves are perfect circles folded in half then sewn into 3 channels. Craft batting is used to stuff the channels for the tube sleeve look.
The hip roll is a custom pattern by me that creates that V dip in the front and is stuffed with craft batting as well.
There are no zippers in my basic fuku's. They are designed to jump into the neck hole and it fits (trying to keep it accurate to the anime….NO zippers!)

The skirt is attached to the fuku, sewn into the seam line between middle bodice and underwear. It is 4 perfect circles cut out with a tiny hole in the center of the circle. Once all 4 are cut I narrow hem them then slice a line up to the tiny circle in the center and sew all 4 together. I cut little notches into the waist part of the skirt for ease and fit. Using the fullest measurement for the hips is a pretty good guide line to determine how big the waist is.
Once that is done the skirt is sewn onto the fuku under the hip roll.
The fabric used for the skirt, collar and bows is a crepe satin.

The collar is a hand drafted out collar pattern that is lined. It has white ribbon sewn onto it for the sailor stripes. It snaps down onto the bodice.

The bows start off as rectangles then they are shaped and pleated. By pleating them they stay nice and crisp and do not droop….ever. I use heavy weight interfacing for stabilizing the bows.
The snap on (2 snaps per bow)

The brooch is made of a clear acrylic ornament cut in half. It is painted from the inside with gold. Rhinestones and craft foam help with the décor that is needed to make it Moon’s brooch depending on the version of Usagi…in my case it’s first appearance Sailor Moon from the anime.

Gloves and Toppers:
The same satin as the bows is used for the arm toppers. I drafted this pattern as well; it is a rectangle that is twice the height of the desired glove topper height. It is cut on the bias; this helps GREATLY when stuffing it with craft batting.
Once the glove topper is cut out I folded it over and sewed 2 seam lines to divide it into 3 channels. I also create a small seam line at the bottom for the seam allowance when sewing it to a glove. I stuffed the channels with craft batting to fluff them out.
The gloves were a pair I already owned. Once the glove toppers are stuffed (I left the bottom row un-stuffed for this) I sewed the glove topper to the glove. Once that was done I stuffed the bottom row in the glove topper then sewed up the sides.

I do own a pair of red boots…but for the sake of cosplaying Moon in a group its best if I wear flats. I’m 5’7 and I often hover over people and Usagi is pretty short!
I used red spandex and created a boot cover designed for flats. The boot top is white vinyl sewn onto the spandex. This helps keep the boot on and up over the calf. A gold moon rhinestone was glued to the front.

The choker is just a ribbon that snaps in the back and has a moon rhinestone glued to the front.

The earrings were made by my friend, Dee. She makes jewelry professionally and made the 3 pearl drops with gold crescents at the bottom.
Personal Thoughts:
I made this costume back in 2009…and the first set of photos are from 2010…and I STILL need to get some decent high res shots of this one T_T
I think out of all my basic fuku's this one turned out the nicest. I am in the works of modifying my fuku pattern so it can be interchangeable (using the same leotard and having the skirt/collar/bows swap-able.)
I've been using the same fuku pattern for nearly a decade now and this is one of my originals with the drop circle/satin skirt style.
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Arda Wigs
Wig Name
Original Color:
Light Blonde (013)
Styling Time
2-3 hours
Wig Quality Rating
5 / 5.00
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