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Cosplayer JackalsMotive > Costume of Risty from Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi

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Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi
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Otakon 2014
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About this Costume
Personal Thoughts:
Risty is one of my dream Costumes and is being used as my motivation to get into shape & live a healthier lifestyle.

Long story short I made most of this costume in a week due to time constraints, work, and lack of funds but overall Ive never been happier. Now that Otakon has come and gone Ive learned what I needd to fix and will update it before Anime Usa.

The wig was made through a combined effort.
I purchased 3 Grell style wigs from aliexpress, took apart two of them and wefted these parts into the base wig. Shiny cut the wig himself & used Got2b gel and hair spray to style the spikes in a similar fashion to his Axel Wig. The Hairline was created with hot glue and extra wefts styled the same as the rest.

Shiny made the mace with a Styrofoam ball as the base, card stock cones filled with expanding insulation foam for the spikes and the neck, and a wooden bannister rod for the handle. Everything is connected by either hot glue or e6000. We're so happy it is durable enough to handle all of Otakon, it being sung around, and slightly leaned on.

I Wont go into as much detail in this part as it was tons of horrible trial and error.

** in order to even start on this project I had to buy a 'Walking Foot' for my sewing machine.

The material I used is Stretch Pleather from spandexworld. The cups are a Walmart brand front closure sports bra I hacked into pieces then covered. The Black waist section is spacer fabric from spandexworld covered in pleather. It all was somewhat easy to sew through until the layers became thicker. The grommets are curtain grommets that snapped closed but were secured with a little hot glue.
Many key components like the belt and collar are foam covered in pleather. The trim on the collar is leather paint to prevent too many bulky layers.
The shoes are still incomplete. Based was purchased at Payless and I Will say some of the more uncomfortable shoes I've worn for cosplay.
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