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Cosplayer mostflogged > Costume of Yuna (Kingdom Hearts 2)

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Kingdom Hearts 2
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Katsucon 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Shoes were 20$ shoes bought from a thrift ship, cut up and painted with leather paint (since it was a dark color it only took like 2-3 coats), then the shoe laces are 2 pairs of shoe laces per boot laced up in big X's. I got super big laces to make myself look more cartoony! The dark blu skirt is just a gathered circle skirt made out of double knit jersey with a horse hair hem (which i fudged up and didn't hem close enough to the edge of the horse hair so it kept flipping out....whoops) and the light blue skirt is made out of blue and white cotton sateen with one layer of net in each of the light blue parts to give it a bit more OOMF so it wouldn't just lay their limp and sad. The tassels are just cut fabric that i fray checked~ The yellow arm bracers are just yellow jersey with some craft foam inside to give it a puffy cartoony look (not puffy enough tho...I tried)

The top is made of jersey, and basically a little circle of pink triangles hand tacked to the inside of a white top - i interfaced the triangles to make my machine not eat the jersey and make them look cleaner which was a good idea EXCEPT I NEED TO STRETCH IT OVER MY BOOBS HAHA so every time i put it on i kinda have to slip it over my chest one boob at a time since there's no longer any stretch in the triangle parts. Hood is just a regular hod pattern, blue string is a suede trim i found and liked. Black part of the shirt is just heat n bonded on!

Feathers were white feathers I spray painted bc i couldn't find the right color, got beads from the bead district and painted them, put them on a string and attached it to the wig. Hair tie thingie is just a long ass tube of jersey full of...more jersey except for the wefts at the bottom! The hair wing thing is made out of craft foam and hot glue and spray painted for a gradient! I'm really terrible at spray painting things so when my room mate told me spray paint isn't advised for gradients bc spray paint is supposed to """COME OUT EVEN""" i knew i could use to to make a gradient because MY STUFF NEVER COMES OUT EVEN. The wings have wire in them and just jam into the circle thing and are kept there by wire n glue!
Personal Thoughts:
this was ssooOOOOOOO much fun to wear with my girls Gianna and Amanda!!! o(〃^▽^〃)o i felt like a kawaii dream team with them uhuhuuhuhu

we were originally supposed to make YRP berserker outfits but we ran out of time so we made these instead!! NEXT TIME
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