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Cosplayer Felicia Dark > Costume of Flonne from Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

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Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness
Special Variation:
Pure Flonne
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
Anime Expo 2014
Animeland Wasabi 2014
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
***Please do not hesitate to ask me how the costume is made! I hope I made the write up pretty easy to understand but I have no problem explaining further if people are curious! Hit me up on here or send me a message on my FB page @ http://facebook.com/feliciadarkcrafts***

Skirt: I had to do a basic pleated skirt pattern and modify it to get a more noticeable flair/separation at the bottom. I started with a 5" inch pleat with a 3" space before I made the next pleat. I then needed to expand the bottom from a 3" pleat to a more 1-2" spacing at the bottom. I had to pin and iron and adjust the top section to get a curved half skirt look in the end. (see construction photo if confused) I had contemplated whether or not the design actually had the 2 tone colors on the skirt. After researching for several months and more art was released, I needed to paint the insides of the pleats the darker pink color. I borrowed one of my best friends airbrushes and it took me 2 sittings to actually get the entire thing painted exactly the way I needed (due to a miscalculation of taping off parts of the inside "pocket" and flairing of the skirt). I also hidden stitched the lower parts of the pleats so that they would not flair out and show the horrible mess under the lighter top pink pleats.

Top: I actually bought a 1950's bra pattern online to start with the top. I cut out 2 patterns to make one a lining to tack onto the hidden bra. I also needed to make slight modification to the bra so it didn't have as hard of a triangle shape the original pattern possessed and I also increased the side seams by a good inch or two. I made 4 long pleated trim patterns for the top and bottom of the bra pattern and needed to wrap it from front to back. I sandwiched them between the bra pattern so when I was done I could flip it inside out and have a pretty perfect shape on the outside. The turtle neck section was made from a custom pattern. Just a basic triangle pattern cut with a curve for the neck and a little manipulation to the siding by making a "wave" effect to be easily sewn as a whole. It's connected to the bra on the opposite side in case of slipping. It helps keep the bra up as well without me needing to constantly adjust myself. The neck collar has medium interfacing and was sewn with the machine and by hand. 2 snaps and 1 hook and eye are what keeps it connected on my neck. The back of the top is connected to my bra and closes together by 2 hook and eyes as well with the original bra hooks.

Belt: 2 100cm container hearts were bought online and painted on the inside with matching dark paint used on the accessories and skirt. Filled with expanding foam and hot glued matching color fabric to the back. I also needed to use a hot knife to cut the top tip off each heart. The belt is made from matching fabric from the pleated trim on the top and one long craft foam piece is smooshed between the layers of the fabric. The curve is also from cutting the craft foam and making sure it fit around the fabric snug. The hearts are connected to the belt by 3 snaps on each one to keep the belt held together around my hips. Emergency safety snaps were sewn on due to constant bumping and care so they never get caught by something for easy escape. The "bunny tail" is made from yarn and brushed out to get the full and fluffy effect. It's all sewn on to a little half heart pattern and then sewn to the belt to keep it snug. Probably need to remake the tail due to it's constant habit of needing to be groomed and I want to add more fluff to it.

Shoes: I used the basic "spandex" pattern tutorials you can find with just making a 2 sided pattern of my leg and sandwiching it together. I needed to modify the pattern though as I was using a none stretch fabric to make it. I just used my Sailor Venus shoes for the basic shoe as I can easily take them out of the pattern if I need to wear her again at any point. The top part of the boot was flared for design and the lighter pink V part was sewn to the inside of the boot and hidden with a lining that had the medium interfacing for stability and looks. Interfacing also helps keep it relatively stable and up on my leg if I am not constantly moving. It's not tight at all besides closer to the bottom but I don't trouble bending in the least

Gloves: Just made a basic hand pattern and didn't want to bother with the inside spacing so I just made it a little longer on each finger, expanded the siding so I had space to bend my arm, and sewed it all up.

Heart/bracelet accessories: Hearts were made from the foamy ones you can get at Joann's and Micheal's in the gardening department. They are things that people can decorate with flowers and such. I had to carve the tip of the heart downwards on the inside to be able to fit the ponytail clips snug and safe from falling. I also needed to use clay to fill the insides. Bracelets were made from 2 rings I found in the yarn section. I needed to fill them with clay as well and press it all down flat and roll over them with a rolling pin. I just made a short little circle pattern to fit about my wrist need (super small wrists) and then cut it out with an exacto knife. Both types of accessories were left out to dry. I then needed to paper mache each one of them so I could come back and sand off all the excess and keep them looking pretty and smooth. Once that was done I did a couple coats of paint with my best friends airbrush to keep them all looking super nice. I glazed them all up after to give them that solid shine look.

(Be in mind; I remade these accessories over 3 times due to the first try not having any time to make a mold and cast them in resin and then the second try accidentally applying a coat of gloss before painting. My first attempt was with the same hearts but using expanding foam to get them larger on all angles. Bracelets were going to be a tiny foam ring that I also used expanding foam on. They came out pretty decent but they were not to my liking so I tossed them and searched for a good two hours to find something to use for the bracelets. It was frustrating as I wanted to look 100% accurate to the design but I didn't want to risk not having the costume complete in time for the convention)

Wings: I made a stencil of what I wanted the wings to look like on a large sheet of paper and then bent the wire from the base to about the first curve of the wing. I then stuffed it all with some polyfil and sewed it all shut. It just sits on my back and held up pretty tightly by the top. It gets a lot of damage by people running into it or gets a little top heavy every now and again but it was perfect for what I needed to get done for it!

Bows everywhere: My own custom pattern. Just two large ones for the center part of the top and then one for the back to hide the seam. 2 little bows were made for the shoes as well and hand sewed down. Little ribbon like bows were placed on the top's collar and then one each glove as well.

Wig: Not really needing much done to it besides cutting and flairing to get the super defined bangs Flonne has in this outfit. Shagged the center bang to give it a little fluff.

All in all it's a pretty easy costume. I still needed a good amount of time to configure everything for sure but I am happy with it and really don't need to make any repatches/changes except for my tail and possibly the gloves. Everything went together rather smoothly and I couldn't be more proud of myself.
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