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Cosplayer tokidoki Loki > Costume of Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere

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Odin Sphere
Special Variation:
Valkyrie Armor
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Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
First off, there were a handful of parts on this I did not make. Her leather underskirt, the cage that holds it up, the white petal armbands, and wig were all made by my dear friend Envel from when she made Griselda. She was kind enough to give them to me when I told her I was making Gwendolyn. She also gave me a lot of advice on parts of the costume as well, which was a big help! Talk about a great big sister! :D

To begin, this was my first ever completed armor project, so I think that is the best place to start with construction. All the armor is made from wet formed veg-tan leather. Each piece first involved me making a pattern with foamie, testing it out, refitting, and then eventually cutting it out of leather and forming it over various shapes. And all the pieces are held together with leather weld because that stuff is awesome! The shoes are pretty straight forward since I was able to shape the pieces right onto the shoe. The shin/lower leg armor for me was the hardest. I ended up covering my legs in plaster to make a form of my legs (with the help of my boyfriend) and then covered those in plastic wrap to form the wet leather over. They are done in 2 pieces that are glued together on one side and then on the inside seam, they come together with snaps. The upper thigh armor was made in a similar way. I did mockups with foamies until I got the right size, cut out the pieces, and wet formed them over some pots I had that were the same size as my thighs. Then all the pieces were glued together with leather weld and are held onto my thigh with 2 straps on each pieces with buckles. For paint, the silver pieces are done using Meltonian leather spray paint in silver and are sealed with Eco-flow Satin finish to prevent the paint from flaking off. The blue pieces are done with a 1 to 3 ratio of blue and purple Jacquard lumiere fabric paints and dark blue Angelus leather paint. It took me multiple tries to get a color that I liked, but it was worth it I think! The upper "under boot" is just a topper made out of faux leather.

The next most challenging part on this was the wings. I first started with a frame made out of chicken wire. I then wrapped that in duct tape and covered it in blue felt. The hardest part was definitely the wings. Each feather was painted individually and then I painted more of that color depending on how I wanted the placement to be. Once I had all the feather painted, I glued them on it the order that I liked. This was to prevent the white being seen under the feathers in case they shifted. I used a combination of 6 different floral spray paints and then sealed it to bring a subtle shine back to the feathers and to seal the paint. The wings are held about my waist with a thick band of copper wire that was folded in front to essentially be a very large hook and eye.

For her top, I figured I would wear an underbust corset that I already owned underneath, so I just needed to make a bodice. I made a mockup and then once it fit properly, I just made the top. The ruffles gave me a little bit of trouble, but after some advice, I went with unironed box pleats that taper on the way down. The panel in the middle is made with purple dupioni silk and all the white is bridal satin. Her skirt is done as a full circle skirt that tapers so that it is longer in the front.

For her crown, the band is made out of worbla that was painted black. The crown is also made of 2 layers of worbla to get the overlap effect and then gesso-ed it multiple times until smooth, sanded it, and painted it gold. For the feathers, I did the same individual painting process that I did with the big wings, except it was much easier. They are mounted on foamie and the whole piece stays on with wire hair combs. To keep the feathers on my face, I tacked them down with spirit gum.

For Gwen's Psypher Spear, a friend of ours (Fotofong) made the actual Psypher on the end. For the sphere itself, I used a long piece of PVC pipe. There is a small square wooden dowel in the pipe on which the psypher itself is mounted. We drilled a hole through that so the LEDs could sit on top and the wire can pass all the way down to the end of the staff. The battery is at the bottom so it can turn on from there. All the embellishments are made of worlba and the whole thing is painted in a spray paint that has little bits of glitter in it (because I wanted a little extra sparkle).
I think that is most of the big things about construction. Any questions, feel free to ask!
Personal Thoughts:
I cannot even begin to say how much I adore Gwendolyn. She is such a darling character and her relationship with Oswald just makes my heart melt. I hoped I would be able to do her justice when I decided to undertake this project, and quite a project it was
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