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Cosplayer Shiva > Costume of Shiva from Final Fantasy X

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Final Fantasy X
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Very Difficult
Costume worn at:
Anime Boston 2016
Anime Boston 2012
Katsucon 2016
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
This thing was a BEAST, but I'm really pleased with how the vast majority of it came out. Since the wig was the most intimidating aspect, I started out with her bodysuit. FFX Shiva's skin tone varies from light blue to bright lilac depending on the reference, so I choose the color scheme I preferred and went with an ice-blue four way stretch material for the suit. I didn't want to actually paint the body designs onto the costume, so I decided to make all of the blue and silver designs out of fabric and treat them as appliqués. All of the designs, as well as the breast cups and thong are made from craftfoam covered in swimsuit fabric and stretch-stiched onto the costume. I even included the tattoos on her back which sadly don't show under the wig. The feet are made out of more stretch fabric and were done with a modified boot cover design and attached to the suit legs. The only sections I painted were the snowflakes on her breast cups, which were done with silver fabric paint. The purple and gold accents on the hands are held on with snaps.

The side skirt was hand-dyed three times to get the yellow-green-blue gradient, then I hand beaded silver designs onto it bead by meticulous bead. Its trimmed with wooden rings painted gold. The necklace is handmade and I painted two sets of fake nails purple and glued them onto the suit's fingers and toes.

For the "ice" on her breast and face, I made a paper maché mold of my chest, covered it in saran wrap, and coated it in silicone to create the "ice boob." Once it cured I hot glued it to my chest while wearing the costume....OUCH!!! I similarly covered a wig head in saran wrap and used silicone to make the face ice, which I could glue to my face with eyelash glue once it cured. All of the face makeup otherwise is from Ben Nye.

Finally, for the BEAST of a wig I started with a computer modeling diagram of Shiva's hair which shows she actually has 15 dreadlocks, and I made all 15 for some crazy reason. They are all sized proportionally using various lengths of Fun Noodles and pipe insulation from Home Depot. I ripped apart nine blue base wigs and seven packs of light and dark extensions to cover the tubing, which is attached to foam rings painted silver and accented with gold tape and ribbons. It is terribly heavy, so to relieve some of the weight I made a back harness with a ring that is worn under the bodysuit, and blue tethers on each dreadlock hook onto the harness to keep the wig from pulling back as much. This design still needs to be revised; I love how the wig looks and the harness system worked for the first few hours I wore it, but by afternoon of the con, it was starting to slip back and became a mess on top from me having to pull it forward. With some more experimenting and I hope to have it figured out for the next con I wear it at!
Personal Thoughts:
Shiva has always been my favorite Final Fantasy summon, and though I'd made her FF7 version years ago, I've always wanted to tackle her FFX version. I've always loved her design in FFX, and I finally felt like my costuming skills were up to the challenge of recreating it. Since 2012 was the 10th anniversary of FFX, my friends and I decided to put together a group of all the Aeons from the game!
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