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Cosplayer Raiji Magiwind > Costume of Nea Walker from D. Gray-Man

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D. Gray-Man
Nea Walker
Year Completed:
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Costume worn at:
Anime Central 2011
Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011
OhayoCon 2012
Shuto Con 2012
Youmacon 2011
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
Me as Neah Walker/14th/Musician. Debuted at ACEN 2011. Taken by CosPrints.com. Sorry about flash effect on bottom, will reload better pic when I can quickly take a moment with the scanner, this just quick crop of pic of image.

Long-coat acquired secondhand at a thrift store, as where the white shirts I wore under. The ribbon necktie is just red satin ribbon from the local Michaels craft store. The vest was a TRIPP waistcoat style corset shirt deal (usually found in Hot Topic's or there sister store, Torrid). The pants are actually my black work pants and the shoes, the shoes I wear for work. Gloves are just white costume gloves, though I plan to replace with more accurate one down the line. Timcampy details below.

Actually have several folks not doing DGM recognize me, one nearly mistake me for the the Earl (Human form...though I might think of doing him in the future) from behind...>> (was carrying an umbrella Saturday cause of the showers off and on in morning and had taken Timcampy off my head for a little while), and a few who at least recognized I was someone from DGM. Most of the DGM group knew who I was pretty much...

Had plenty of fun with this one, though the makeup does take about 20 minutes to put on...it received a lot of compliments. A lot of folks mentioned how natural it looked and stuff and that I seemed to have did my research, which I did do...

I studied a little on the different Noah and noted there natural skin tones they had in 'human form' (or from back stories of then before there awakening) compared to the tones depth in Noah form. I also found researching the pallor of death and cyanosis to be helpful as well, as the Noah's grey pallor is kinda based on a bit of the way ones bodies color becomes during certain forms of cyanosis and during the stage of death known as Livor Mortis (when the blood begins to pool at the base of contact to a surface, such as the side of the body touching the floor)

To achieve the tone I got, I used a simple base cream foundation (For my particular complexion, I used Cover Girl's TruBlend 430-Classic Beige). This was then overlaid with a loose mineral powder (I used Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Talc Free Matte Finishing Veil) in a Translucent shade. Over this was placed a very thin layer of Mehron Color Cups in "White'. You only want just enough to make the skin just slightly pale, compared to your complexion. Over this goes a thin layer of Mehron CC in "Zombie", which is a grey tone with slight green undertones. You want enough to cover the area, but still has some areas of the skin underneath that are the of the white tone. The only area not covered by the Mehron is the eye area which a grey tones eyeshadow (For me I used Revlon|satin in Platinum Glimmer -030-) is used before the final powder overlay. After all you want some unevenness to make the skin look natural at the end. The final touch is a custom mineral powder mix I make using Airspun Loose Face Power in Translucent as a base for. This I mix with some special chalks and a few other makeup products in grey, white and black tones, that have been crushed to a fine powder, before mixing in. The lips also get a light dusting of everything, just enough to pale the lips to match the skin tone. The Noah stigmata are just eye pencils in a deep brown shade, then slightly outlined on just one side very lightly with a pale-ish red or pink tone lipliner. Not much, just enough to give a show of wear it looks more like a scarring...

The makeup washes off with some good mild scrubbing with soap and warm water, though may take one or two soap ups and rinse to fully remove, though you may even just go after any remnants from the initial wash with soap and a warm wet washrag.
During ACEN 2011, the longest run the makeup underwent a full field run in was nearly 12-14 hours, and held up quite well, even in the humid heat (of most of the weekend) and slight rain (a little Saturday morning), and even being lightly scratched at (cause after all wigs like to itch). During that twelve hour run, I only really touched up the makeup once or twice and that was mainly around the edge of the hairline and around the eyes (where I did the most itching). I would usually just use the eyeshadow I used for around the eyes to touch up lightly the base of the hairline or the eye area as needed and once in a while would dab a fresh coat of the powder mix I made. Or to freshen up the stigmata marks as they wore from the wig rubbing against them.

I oddly did also get a bit of compliments on Tim to, who literally was sewn together in less then 36 hours pre con...>>
I used a sort of shimmery fabric for him (>
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