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Cosplayer Shii Arisugawa > Costume of Jessica from Girls' Generation

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Girls' Generation
Special Variation:
Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) - Korean MV
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Best in Show @ Pacific Media Expo 2010
Costume worn at:
Anime Conji 2011
Anime LA 2011
Pacific Media Expo 2010
This Costume has been retired
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
My first time making a jacket like this, making the lapels was the most difficult part! Once I got that down, the rest of the costume was pretty easy, just time consuming because of all the hand sewing (20 buttons total fffffff), and figuring out how to make the military decorations on the jacket. I couldn't figure out what patch is used above the military ribbons, so I said screw it and used the Anaheim Electronics logo from Gundam Unicorn. LMAO It's close enough, and rather amusing when people actually recognize what/where it's from. XD I wanted a cute hat to wear while in costume, so I found a garrison cap pattern online, and made it with some light modifications. I did my own thing for the pins since I like adding a personal touch to my costumes, props if you can guess which fandoms I'm representing. lol

Special thanks to kuroneko, our Tiffany for providing the machine embroidered patch, and to Adora and Itsuka, for doing my fabulous make up at PMX 2010 and ALA 2011 since I was completely clueless about this stuff. xD; I've since learned how to do my "Genie" look, now if I could only figure out the rest of this make up business, I'd be all set for life.
Personal Thoughts:
I joined Hwaiting Cosplay since they were looking for more members, and thought it would be something fun to do... even though I haven't taken any dancing classes since high school. Which is a very, very, very long time. o.o; Joining the group, despite all the stress and pressure of doing the masquerade for the first time, the intense practices, and sewing sweatshops, it's been a very rewarding experience! I can't wait to make more of Jessica's outfits!! Now that I have a much better idea of how to make jackets, I'd like to remake this, but trying to find the exact same fabric has been quite a task!
Wig Details
Wig Brand
Fantasy Sheep
Wig Name
60 cm Long
Styling Time
less than 1 hour
Wig Quality Rating
3 / 5.00
Styling Notes
The wig was originally wavy on the bottom, like Taiga from Toradora! so I just straightened it. I part the bangs to one side and use hair spray to keep it in place, I finally got around to trimming it for Fanime 2011.
Wig Review
I love the color of this wig, styling it however is a bit of a nightmare due to the length of the wig. The fibers of the wig are nice, but it tangles like crap, I have to straighten this thing before and after each time I wear it. Even after I cut off a significant chunk off the wig, it STILL tangled like crap so I'm retiring this thing once I find a replacement...
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