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Cosplayer keikana > Costume of Prussia / Gilbert Weillschmidt from Axis Powers Hetalia

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Axis Powers Hetalia
Prussia / Gilbert Weillschmidt
Special Variation:
War of Austrian Succession / Seven Years War
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
ACParadise Hetalia Prussia contest winner <3
Costume worn at:
FanimeCon 2010
Nan Desu Kan 2010
Otakon 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
So I was going to make this costume like a normal person, just go off Himaruya's reference and have a grand ol' day. But then my pal Teca came along with her ~*HISTORICALLY ACCURATE*~ Revolutionaries uniforms and I decided I wanted to play, too. The difficulties that followed were abundant but totally worth it, and even though the costume still lacks many aspects to make it 100% accurate like her and Ellome's Revolutionaries (which were accurate down to the very fabric), I'm proud of it thus far.

-The biggest thing about this cosplay was research. I couldn't seem to find any historical references that were close enough to the Hetalia version to still be pretty recognizable until I finally stumbled upon an image of a coat that belonged to Friedrich II of Prussia in a German museum. From there I gathered all the paintings I could of uniforms from that era and thanks to the contributions of my friend Wanasabi's scans from a 18th century uniform book, I found more to go by!

-The coat was made with lots of assistance since I wanted every seam to be beyootiful, and I still have some minor alterations to do to it. The fabric would ideally have been a wool but I decided to go with a cheaper "Prussian blue" to instead match my Ol' Fritz's uniform instead. Buttons were ordered from a historical reenactment site. Things I hope to later update/remake are the waistcoat, pants, and boots (which should be gaiters/spats but I simply did not have the time, and my ACCURATE boots didn't make it in the mail in time for the convention). The hat was bought, torn apart, and edited, but sadly not accurate either (the one I had wanted was $80 though, oops).

-My absolute favorite part of this costume are the Order of the Black Eagle medals on our chests. Worth every penny and minute I spent hunting them down!


Personal Thoughts:
I couldn't have asked for a better Fritz, thank you so much to Avatarkayla for doing this for me <3

Thank you so much also to the uncredited Photographers for many of these photos -- Jade (http://nikoniku-chan.deviantart.com) and balnibarbi <3

Thanks to Rammyz for lending me her pretty gun, too :3

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