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Cosplayer TheBoss > Costume of Zidane Tribal from Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy IX
Zidane Tribal
Year Completed:
Construction Difficulty:
Costume worn at:
AnimagiC 2009
Connichi 2010
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About this Costume
Construction Details:
My Zidane I've worn at AnimagiC (August 2009) and Connichi (September)2010
Hope you like it! I wanted to bring Zidane from Final Fantasy IX to live. I tried to make the crazy proportions as accurate as püossible. the only thing I need to work on now is to make the hair more voluminous and work out a little more (which is no problem since I'm in the army, hehe)
The flaps on the sides of the pants need to be made a little more stiff again. they stretched pretty much when I kneeled down/posed for photos sadly..but they look straight and fine if I stand upright...I really need to do a shooting someday.

Costume details: I made the costume out of simple fabrics (and I used the first time a too dark blue for the pants. i changed that for connichi gladly, since I found the perfect color!)
Fabrics used: simple coton for the vest and pants, pleather for the shoulder harness and weapon sheet, Leather for the leather crosses on the shoulder harness, a metal belt buckle, white lace for the jabot, blue-ish satin ribbon for the ribbon on the jabot, bias tape for the green lining around the vest, a bought white undershirt made out of cotton, pleather for the belt, silk cloth for the cloth on his back of his belt, (fake)fur for the tail, pleather for the bootcovers, but I will try to change the white part of the boots (on top) with suede, since it originally has a wrinkled look and not smooth.
Daggers are made out of sintra-sheet (just the "dagger"), foam, green cord, hotglue (to hold the cord in place) and mirror-film (and of course golden spraypaint and papermaché)
The magemasher is made again out of acrylic glass (HORRIBLE to work with. I hate it) purple and red spraypaint, sintra-sheet, LEDs (YES IT CAN LIGHT UP!!!!! and much better than in my old magemasher *g*) , foamk and golden cord (it's lovely!) and hotglue to keep it in place again. and papermaché....I hate how the hilt turned out :/ but I won't remade the magemasher AGAIN. just the hilt..maybe... but I somehow like it.

The cuff buttons were made out of FIMO (special modeling mass) and I lost 2 of the 4 on connichi D: I need to remake those.
and of course I carried a leather bag with lots of jewels in it.

I love Zidane. FF IX is my fav FF game and I really love Zidane. I try to act as him as good as possible, but he's hard to pull off sometimes for me.
He#s my absolute fav. 'male' character in FF9 (Beatrix is my fav female character)
I just love to cosplay him. I always have so much fun and it is just awesome to lighten up the mood of everybody around me and pull them into crazy things *g* like showfights or just flirting with the girls, haha.

I planned to make this costume years ago. Sadly I was just able to make it become real when Dissidia was announced..and suddenly everyone ran around with a magemasher, haha (of course, since he uses two of them in it..) But I didn't made the magemasher because of Dissidia, i always loved the magemasher most of his normal daggers (and the ogre most of his huge '2 hand weapons') and of course the normal dagger, since i love the scene where garnet/dagger cuts her hair with it.

'nough said. I love it and I hope you love it too.
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