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Yo, I'm Kama! Livin' in AZ.
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PandaTeddy says, "Wow, this looks awesome! Great job!"
For LadyDevimon from Digimon Adventure
Dokudel says, "Amazing! :D"
For Anna Williams from Tekken 6
khainsaw says, "Thanks! It was my first project with a paneled bodysuit, so I'm glad it turned out well. "
For Supergirl from Supergirl
etaru says, "This turned out amazing, you should be very proud of the detailing and patterning work put into this!"
For Supergirl from Supergirl
khainsaw says, "Hehehe thanks! It's definitely not perfect, but I'm gonna aim for that with the next one I make! :)"
For Asuka Langley Sohryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion