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A warm welcome to my cosplay page here on AC Paradise.
Born winter 1983 in Germany I always liked to masquerade since childhood. My first character roles were Jasmine from Aladdin which I weared carnival in the 4th class of elementary school and Buster Bunny from Tiny Toons weared in kindergarden.
Many, many years later I started with cosplay in the year 2008 as a member of a show group which never made it on stage.
Now it is a wide range chosen from video games, TV series, movies, comics, cartoons, music and anime/ manga.
My current big fandoms (and crushes) are The Raccoons, Firefly (Alan Tudyk), Eureka Seven, Wild West/Spaghetti Western, Soul Eater, Red Dead Redemption (John Marston ;;), Sky Doll, Lanfeust de Troy, Saints Row, Terence Hill *___* and Person of Interest (Michael Emerson *heart*).
... BTW I am totally obsessed with red pants x,D

Enjoy ^.^

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Pumkin says, "Thank you soooo much^^ Am gonna try to improve much more during the upcoming weekend shooting :)"
For John Marston from Red Dead Redemption
ToasterSix says, "Holy crap this looks awesome! I love your Marston!"
For John Marston from Red Dead Redemption
Pumkin says, "Thank you so much^^"
For Soul Eater from Soul Eater
celsius says, "I love all these pictures! The expressions are great. =]"
For Soul Eater from Soul Eater
Pumkin says, "Thank you~ ^///^"
For Soul Eater from Soul Eater