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I'm just a dumb girl who really enjoys cosplaying like no other... Really... I guess... I'm still learning the ropes so I'm a true cosplay noob! That's all i have to say!! >.< 始めまして!

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Athel says, "Aaah! I love your Jafar!!!"
For Jafar from Magi Labyrinth of Magic
Lumenesca says, "Soooo lovely! :D"
For Oichi from Sengoku Basara
Misona says, "No doubts! Just do it!! I'm sure it'll turn out great!! : D"
For Oichi from Sengoku Basara
JadeKat says, "This looks great! You hand-stamped that pink fabric??! I'm feeling so inspired to try that right now, but I doubt it would turn out like yours!"
For Oichi from Sengoku Basara
Misona says, "ARGH!! Thank you so much!! ;A; That means a lot to me!!!"
For Chaika Trabant from Hitsugi no Chaika