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Hi there, I'm Zadra. I've been cosplaying for several years now. Its a great creative outlet for me, as well as an awesome way to pay homage to the characters that I love. Ever since I dropped 100 pounds to dress as Samus in her zero suit, cosplay has become a very important part of my life. It keeps me confident and gives me a great sense of individuality and accomplishment

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DemonLordEtna says, "This literally gave me chills, so amazing! "
For Nova from Starcraft II
envirion says, "So cool! *o*"
For Nova from Starcraft II
Zadra says, "Thanks so much! XD"
For Nova from Starcraft II
PhD Cosplay says, "AWESOME!"
For Nova from Starcraft II
CatsCradle says, "OMG! I love it! You look SO fantastic!!"
For Samus Aran from Metroid