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I've been cosplaying off and on since 2003, with a short break in my early days. The past few years I've really started focusing back on cosplay (and improving my sewing skills!) and working on more challenging and lesser known cosplays. I belong to a cosplay group called verssen werks, and we cosplay all over the map. They also keep me going when it comes to pushing my skills.

All of my costumes are made by me, sometimes with a little bit of help. I style wigs, make most of my props/accessories (unless they are swords, that bit falls to my boyfriend), and do whatever random stuff needs doing!

I'm just trying to have fun and help set a good example for other cosplayers to follow and to try to do their best at what they're doing. Cosplay can be fun, but difficult. However, the reward at the end is the awesome costume you get to show off!

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befu says, "Thank you! :3 People got a kick out of seeing us once they realized who we were. They're so silly and awesome it's GREAT."
For Sarah from Team America: World Police
Ambrosia says, "This is amazing, this costume is amazing, Pearl Harbor sucked but everything about your group is amazing."
For Sarah from Team America: World Police
befu says, "Oh wow, thank you! That actually means a lot! :3 My goal was to keep it true to the Spy's design (it's hard to tell but my jacket slopes and has tails) and not go for the super sexy look that tends to be a bit more common. All I can say is that Hancock Fabrics saved me with their clearance fabric."
For Spy from Team Fortress 2
luluko says, "I'm not a TF2 fan but this is my favorite genderbent cosplay I've seen from that series. The fabric is gorgeous, what a lucky find!"
For Spy from Team Fortress 2
befu says, "Aww, thank you <3 I just can't wait to do a proper photoshoot with these costumes...even though it's going to be a few months now with winter coming. Dang winter."
For Kirara Mikumari from Samurai 7