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I'm a big fan of figures, visual novels, NIS & Vanillaware games, my buddies, and my doggy Blade.

My FB if you're interested!

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Mitten says, ":D Thank you oh-so much!!"
For Lisa Lisa from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
Moosey_Fate13 says, "Wow, you make an amazing Lisa Lisa! ;o;"
For Lisa Lisa from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
AndyTwobeats says, "Awesome job on the cosplay for an awesome anime >:3"
For Hestia from Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
AndyTwobeats says, "Yay for Nadeko >:3 awesome job"
For Sengoku Nadeko from Bakemonogatari
cosplaybyfinny says, "I can see up your nose :O"
For Yukako Yamagishi from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure