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I like everything. You know everything? I like it.

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sakakirose says, "Thank you! I make all of my own costumes, so I don't know where you could buy one. Sorry!"
For Machi from Hunter X Hunter
Supbrandallynn says, "Where can I get this cosplay outfit in this great of quality!? :( nLove love it"
For Machi from Hunter X Hunter
Dokudel says, "Take my revolution~~~!"
For Juri Arisugawa from Revolutionary Girl Utena
Dokudel says, "Ahhhhh! Me and my boyfriend have our jaws dropped right now looking at this he wants to make a Taijou Roukun so badly and ahhh super awesome! :DDD"
For Dakki Soh from Houshin Engi
Dokudel says, "Please tell me you still have this outfit? I need to make a Pyocola cosplay and want an excuse to make it finally! XD"
For Rabi en Rose / Usada Hikaru from Di Gi Charat