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Hello! I am a college student who loves old movies, art history, and sewing. I especially like to design and sew lolita clothes when I'm not working on cosplay, but also enjoy figuring out how to make a cosplay. It's always fun to wear something different from what I would normally wear and honor some of my favourite video games. I dislike anime in general, but like Japanese music (mostly jazz, though I'm in love with Amano Tsukiko! *___*) and some video games. Anime-wise, I like Ghost in the Shell, Kino's Journey, Cowboy Bebop, Noir, and Red Garden. Listing all the games I like would be a longer list, but I'm mostly into older JRPGs -- Legend of Mana is probably my favorite -- as well as various quirky and offbeat games, like Jet Set Radio, Ace Attorney, and pretty much any rhythm game you throw at me. I've also recently gotten into the beast known as Homestuck, so expect a lot of that showing up in my profile soon!

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cherryteagirl says, "cute Ulala!"
For Ulala from Space Channel 5
mailfantasy says, "Fantastic job on this cosplay!"
For Ulala from Space Channel 5