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Cosplay is something more than a costume to me. It includes goals and fashion and a creative outlet. The more I sew, the better I get, the more self-esteem I can carry on to create a better mindset in my future.

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Lunaster_2789 says, "Lovely Cosplay :)"
For Komachi Onozuka from Touhou Project
alucardalina says, "Sorry for the late response. Yes, that is my little sister! Isn't she cute?!"
For Yuuka Kazami from Touhou Project
Xvall says, "I like this one! You should get one with a really cool action pose ^^ Maybe a sword if ya got one."
For Youmu Konpaku from Touhou Project
Xvall says, "That's so adorable is that your little sister or something? XD She fits Cirno perfectly."
For Yuuka Kazami from Touhou Project