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I'm an artsy girl, who enjoys painting and drawing, with a penchant for pretty costumes. I made some costumes back in 2002-2003, but stopped making costumes for a while. I started making costumes again in 2010 and can't wait to make even more.

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Dessi_desu says, "Aww, thank you! Giselle is a cutie and needs more love. Your Giselle curtain dress is amazing btw. All those flowers o_o!"
For Giselle from Enchanted
cherryteagirl says, "This costume is so pretty! ^_^"
For Telephone from Sakizou Artworks
Ambrosia says, "BUH look at how lovely you are! I have such a soft spot for Giselle, this makes me really happy ;_;"
For Giselle from Enchanted
kellilla says, "sooo pretty *_*"
For Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
Ambrosia says, "Ooooh, really like how the second version came out! The silhouette is perfect and I love the drape of the fabric. Beautiful job on both costumes! <3"
For Elsa from Frozen