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I'm a lifelong fan of DBZ. Love Beyblade, Hetalia, Death Note, Ranma 1/2, YGO GX, Slayers and anything I can laugh about! Love costuming with crazy colours and crazier wigs!

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Sapphire_hime says, "This nature photoshoot is so beautiful and spot on!"
For Lina Inverse from Slayers
Sapphire_hime says, "Your wig styling for Neptune is a big source of inspiration for me!"
For Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
kapalaka says, "That is seriously the most perfect Neptune wig I have ever seen! No one does the super anime bangs! You did such a great job and pull her off so well!"
For Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Kimmy says, "I can't get over just how perfect the two of you are as Uranus and Neptune! "
For Sailor Neptune from Sailor Moon
Sapphire_hime says, "This has to be my favorite photo of you guys in this cosplay <3"
For Matoi Ryuko from Kill la Kill