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Hey all! As you can see, I really like to cosplay. I've been cosplaying since 2008, and started sewing and creating my own cosplays since 2011. Especially starting in 2012, I've made vast improvements in my sewing skills. I've never been instantly talented at cosplay, I've had to work hard at it, and I am always learning new things!

Aside from that, I also really like to draw, especially illustrative type things like cartoons, I love animals, like to play video games (when there is time), and learning new languages and skills. ;3

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Lumenesca says, "Very nice! Love the fabric you used for the bodice, and I like this photo in particular. c:"
For Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
MomoKurumi says, "A pattern, you mean? I did not use a pattern, the skirt was custom, and the top was reverse engineered from a twist top (took one apart, and made one in my fabric). The face tattoo I just used blue eyeliner, and the arm band could be any old bracelet if it fits your arm, but this one I have I made out of worbla :3"
For Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
KachD003 says, "Did you use a partner for this? Also what do you suggest for the face tattoo and the arm band cuff?"
For Princess Kida from Atlantis: The Lost Empire
AristoMercu says, "omg this is precious!! Really loving the multicolored water, it really adds that magical disney feeling! "
For Ariel from Little Mermaid
konekoanni says, "It turned out gorgeous! "
For Belle from Beauty and the Beast