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Previously located in the Kentucky/Ohio/Indiana area, I'm now a SoCal resident and enjoy various cons in the Southern California region, such as WonderCon, Long Beach Comic Expo/Con, and Anime Expo!

I've been cosplaying since 2008, and started sewing and creating my own cosplays around 2011. I've gone from just buying my cosplays online to crafting most of my own, and now have an arsenal of cosplays, many of which are award winning! I love cosplay because I am always learning new things, not just about crafting, or the hobby, but even about myself. I'm always impressed with how much I continue to grow!

I live for cosplay, and if you ever want to have me join a project, host an event, participate in a contest, or team up on a panel, contact me and I would love to hear about any and all opportunities you may have in mind! I'm always down to make new friends and contacts, and feel free to add me on my other social media as well to reach out to me!

Feel free to contact me at:
Email: momokurumi@rocketmail.com

Or follow me here!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomoKurumiCosplay
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/momokurumicosplay/
DeviantArt: http://momokurumi.deviantart.com/

Next Convention Appearance: Comikaze Expo / Stan Lee 2016

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GoddessofFlash says, "Holy cow! This is fantastic!!! Really love how his came out! And your wig is beautiful! Perfect Jasmine! <3"
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ichigo_m says, "I'm working on a Moana costume right now and am struggling with the design on the bottom of the skirt. how did you get yours so clean? You look amazing! (:"
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