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i've been cosplaying since i was in 8th grade. its played a big influence in my life C:
i love going to conventions and meeting people.

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MangaFreak150 says, "AWWWWWW ; A ; thank you so much!!! "
For Two from Drakengard 3
mostflogged says, "this costume is sooOOOOO gorgeous on you!!! And i love the photos, they're so dreamy and lovely ahhh ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ"
For Two from Drakengard 3
Amala says, "aww this looks so beautiful and it suits you very well"
For Fuukiyan from Shunya Yamashita Artworks
Naiiki says, "So stunning!!"
For Cheza from Wolf's Rain
Melfina says, "Fantastic Cheza *.*"
For Cheza from Wolf's Rain