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I'm a bit new to the cosplay scene, and broke into it with the inspiration of my friends Leafy-chan, Patches, and Feytaline.
I've always made costumes for halloween parties, and now I have an excuse to make them any old time! :3

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Amedama says, "I'm completely obsessed with this game right now, and the fact that this costume exists makes me so happy!"
For Burro Pinata from Viva Pinata
4ng31 says, "I remember seeing this at Tekko and about shit myself when I saw a Viva Pinata costume...awesome job and very unique...I love it."
For Burro Pinata from Viva Pinata
Terranell says, "I feel very deprived to have missed this at Tekkoshocon. You're a champion for originality!"
For Burro Pinata from Viva Pinata
Andichan says, "wow, I am so impressed. I don't think I could ever wear this. :3 great job!"
For Burro Pinata from Viva Pinata