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Hello! My name is Ashbrie, previously known as AnEdibleSeed, and I've been cosplaying on and off since 2003.

See more at www.ashbrie.com

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Rose of Battle says, "You are gorgeous. Dat hairflip"
For Arbok from Pokemon
Imari-chan says, "Loving this so much!! Wild Arms!!! "
For Kanon from Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
Ashbrie says, "Aww thank you!! You should tooootally revisit your Mana costumes--the world NEEDS more Mana cosplay! <3"
For Pearl from Legend of Mana
sailorgaia says, "This makes me so happy! You did such a beautiful job on Pearl--I love all the details and fabric choice! My sister & I cosplayed Black Pearl & Monique many years ago--costumes we've wanted to revisit--and you make me want to to whip them out and start working!! <3"
For Pearl from Legend of Mana
devious-tofu says, "Yay Ace Attorney cosplay!! I love your Olga (yarly)! Your camera looks exactly like hers!"
For Olga Orly from Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney