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Hello! My name is Ashbrie, previously known as AnEdibleSeed, and I've been cosplaying on and off since 2003.

See more at www.ashbrie.com

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celsius says, "/repeatedly hits non-existent like button"
For Nephrite from Sailor Moon
ruthshoshana says, "you look so cute!"
For Ginko Yurishiro from Yuri Kuma Arashi
Rose of Battle says, "You are gorgeous. Dat hairflip"
For Arbok from Pokemon
Imari-chan says, "Loving this so much!! Wild Arms!!! "
For Kanon from Wild Arms 2nd Ignition
Ashbrie says, "Aww thank you!! You should tooootally revisit your Mana costumes--the world NEEDS more Mana cosplay! <3"
For Pearl from Legend of Mana