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Let's see, a couple of things about me...

My husband and I like to cosplay. A lot. ^_^

We try to make our own costumes from scratch as much as we can. I'm better at sewing, Jonathan is better at crafting. We make the perfect team! Our favorite part is the photoshoots, we try to go all out on those.

Our lives are currently in a period of EXTREME changes, Jonathan just joined the Navy, and I just found out I am pregnant with our first child! So I'm excited to see how our cosplay hobby manifests with these life altering occasions. Excited and just a tad fearful. I am losing sleep over the lack of pregnant cosplays! (And impatient for the ones with baby!) ^_^

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avianna says, "OMFG YOU ARE AWESOME!"
For Sorsha from Willow
Narnian says, "I love that you chose this version of Rouge. ^_^ "
For Rogue from X-Men
Narnian says, "You two are seriously fantastic and make such a cute couple. ^_^"
For Hayley Smith from American Dad
Narnian says, "Fantastic!"
For Jet Girl from Tank Girl
Narnian says, "Marvelous cosplay! It's so cool that you actually got to work with Tank Girl's tank. ^_^"
For Jet Girl from Tank Girl