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Hey YOU! Yes YOU! Nice of you to stop by and oogle my cosplays, thank you lots. I come from NY and have been doing this cosplay thing since June 06, with 20+ cons.
Enjoy the show, its mostly APH for now.

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Ivyna J Spyder says, "Oh man you are an awesome Equius :D Freakin perfect"
For Equius Zahhak from MS Paint Adventures / Homestuck
BlueExorcistPodcast says, "We're looking for cosplayers to interview for a video for our podcast. We want to make a video for our panels at the cons we go to. Such as Anime Conji, MTAC, Anime Expo, and so on."
For Amaimon from Blue Exorcist
Bur Loire says, "SO AWESOME!"
For Loki from Marvel Comics
SailorAnime says, "Oh my gah.....I am so jealous right now. Fantastic costume, btw~!"
For Loki from Marvel Comics
Twinkly_Keepers says, "Can I ask how you got the crown to "stick"?"
For Prussia / Gilbert Weillschmidt from Axis Powers Hetalia