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Heya! I've been cosplaying since 2007, although I've been playing dress up and whatnot most of my life. I do a lot of crossplay, as well as regular cosplay (what can I say? anime guys have cool outfits xD). I'm a real laid back person, and I love meeting new people, even if I am a sleepy scatterbrain most of the time, so feel free drop me a line or say hi if you see me at a con.

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JellybeanQueen says, "Actually several people have asked if he's my boyfriend, but nope, he was just a random Leon I ran into and happened to get along with, lol."
For Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII
fairytalefreak1 says, "You two look so sweet. Was that a random Leon, or did you actually know him?"
For Rinoa Heartilly from Final Fantasy VIII
S0methingW1cked says, "Love it!"
For Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler
bunny.jack says, "omg there are two !!!! *squee* <3<3"
For Duo Maxwell from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing