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It's just a lot of fun, okay? okay.

My first costume happened in 2006 and it makes me cringe like woah.

I love to paint, I'd always been a gamer, and yes, Sailormoon was my gateway anime. Although this growing up business leaves me having less and less time to nerd, I just have this nagging feeling that I couldn't stop it if I tried.

That aside, I like lacy things, sexy bitches, lewd humor, and cherry cola. Let's be friends :>

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Jeikobu says, "Miyu's nails are as perfect as I can imagine!"
For Miyu Yamazaki from Super GALS!
Yucari says, "I love us too."
For Anthy Himemiya from Revolutionary Girl Utena
MikuMiku999 says, "You make such a cute Momiji!!! C:"
For Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou Project