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Hello! I'm a n00b cosplayer who currently wears things mostly made by her sister. w00t! (But I'm helping out and starting to make some stuff on my own too! 8D;; )

For now, I've been making whatever props and accessories I can out of craft foam, wire and model magic lol.

Next Convention Appearance: Katsucon 2016

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Tomoyo Ichijouji says, "Thank you! I love Rowen, so I've always wanted to cosplay him. I'm glad that I do him some justice!"
For Rowen J. Ilbert from Tales of Xillia
Tomoyo Ichijouji says, "Thank you!! It was pretty comfy indeed, and it wasn't that heavy considering. CosplayMagic did a great job on it!"
For Lina Inverse from Slayers Next
Veroniku says, "Oh man excellent Rowen!! It's so awesome to see a cosplay of him =D"
For Rowen J. Ilbert from Tales of Xillia
Veroniku says, "Uwah great Lina Inverse!! *fangirls* Making the armor out of fabric that's an awesome idea it must've been light and very comfy!"
For Lina Inverse from Slayers Next
Tomoyo Ichijouji says, "Yep! She was fun to cosplay."
For Elle Mel Marta from Tales of Xillia 2