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My name is Mercedes, although I'm known as Lulu on the net ^^ I'm an English Philology major, translator and teacher. I started cosplaying in 2002 with the help of my lovely mother. I love styling wigs and I'm always trying to improve my cosplay skills, specially sewing. I only cosplay characters I absolutely adore, most of the times with my wonderful boyfriend Clow *^^*

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Miyazawa_Lulu says, "Thank you!"
For Hare Menjou from Guilty Crown
logan919 says, "Great photo."
For Hare Menjou from Guilty Crown
Miyazawa_Lulu says, "Thank you so much!(≧∇≦) It's an honor for all of us to receive a compliment from someone we all look up to in terms of idol costumes <3"
For Umi Sonoda from Love Live!
Sparkle Pipsi says, "Soooo cute~!! You all looks super adorable, great job coordinating the costumes! <3"
For Umi Sonoda from Love Live!
Miyazawa_Lulu says, "Aww, thank you so much <3 I hope I can post a photoshoot of this someday! A convention is certainly not the most flattering location for this costume XD"
For Kotori Monou from X/1999