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Hi there! I'm akuriko, and I've been into cosplay since 2005, and started going to cons in 2006. I'm currently in college, majoring in Music and minoring in Japanese language. I hope to become a video game music composer. I have about a million and a half hobbies, which mostly consist of playing music, video games, sewing and designing clothing, cosplay (of course), watching anime, knitting, crocheting, drawing and painting, and studying Japanese language and culture. As far as creating costumes, I pretty much do everything myself, from pattern drafting and sewing to wig styling to making all the jewelery and accessories. Other things I like to do are jogging, and aerobics. ^ ^ It's nice to meet all of you! ^ ^/"

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UsagiHime says, "WOW! *0*!!!"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
akuriko says, "Thank you lovely!! Yeah I still plan to make it!! >< I was hoping it would be something I could complete this year, but we will see! <3"
For Marin from Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Hime no Toki says, "How are there no comments on this?! You're a perfect Marin and I love the story behind the fabric and construction. I can't wait til you make that harp!"
For Marin from Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
Fire Lily says, "I can't believe I missed this!!! You look amazing and it's just the best Harle I've ever seen <3"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
*Shiva* says, "You are the most fantastic Harle i have ever seen. Incredible work! I wish I had seen you at Katsu! :)"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross