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I had such a fun time! I was in the fashion show aka Khaotic Kouture wearing Kinki Kitty's design. I had books on my head.. on my necklace... as my purse... I had fun wearing a few new costumes and just wandering around in my kigurumi's. Those are so comfortable. I'm very proud of my skit that won a Judge's Award. It was the first time Godly Team Cosplay split up and did two team skits for Anime Central. What a treat! I definitely met a lot of great people, and had lots of great memories!!

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Skit (Rating: 4.55 / 5.00)
S08 GTC Presents Kuroshitsuji
1103 views, 0 comments [High Res] [Youtube]
Series: Black Butler
Cosplayer(s): Celeste Orchid
Convention: Anime Central 2011

Awards: Judge's Choice
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