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Just your normal (read "crazy") cosplayer from the state of epic mountains.

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Boston 2016

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LoveAnime18 says, "that ho on the right though. who dresses like that."
For America / Alfred F. Jones from Axis Powers Hetalia
Aria says, "<3"
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon
sakakirose says, "10/10 would get lost with."
For Ryouga Hibiki from Ranma 1/2
QuantumDestiny says, "LOVE it!!! You are heroic, I love all the weaving work you did on the accessories, makes it so much more high class and royal!!!"
For Prince Dios from Revolutionary Girl Utena
QuantumDestiny says, "I LOVE YOU AS JUPITER!! you did such a great job!!"
For Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon