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I graduated in 2009 with my BFA in Musical Theater and a minor in Makeup/Costume design and construction. I have been cosplaying since 2007, but have dabbled in costumes since 1999. I am part of the 2013 and 2014 United States World Cosplay Summit finalist team Karmaluna Cosplay. Craftsmanship and performance are something I am very passionate about, and I hope to continue to learn new things and excel into the future.

To follow our WCS shenanigans check out our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/KarmalunaCosplay

Next Convention Appearance: Youmacon 2014

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lunaladyoflight says, "BRING BACK THE NANAMI."
For Nanami Kiryuu from Revolutionary Girl Utena
lunaladyoflight says, "All thanks to my new ruffle foot! I'm so glad to have it to use. I'm hopeless trying to gather for myself with carpal tunnel XD. <3"
For Rico Brzenska from Attack on Titan
lunaladyoflight says, "*hugs* Thank you! It was such a labor of love for both of us. These are such gorgeous costumes and we wanted to really do them justice."
For Tsuyuri Kohane from xxxHoLic
Envel says, "I'm so happy I got to oggle this in person. The detail work is nothing short of phenomenal and all of your colors and fabric are so rich and vibrant!"
For Tsuyuri Kohane from xxxHoLic
Envel says, "I LOVE the fit and gathering on that skirt. ;A; It's so pretty, I want one too! "
For Rico Brzenska from Attack on Titan