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I’m 27 Years old. I have natural hair, but enjoy wearing all kinds and colors of wigs as well! Though I'm uber duper ~SUPER~ shy, I consider myself a very high-energy person that people need to get broken-in to, but feel I’m generally lovable… I’d hope.

My passions are hooping, costuming/cosplay, and music. Media-wise I enjoy Period British dramas, anime/manga, asian dramas, and Anti-Utopian Sci-Fi. I am allergic to cats >_< but love them along with many other animals like dogs, lizard, rats, birds, and fish. I have many fish.. which keep having babies... Other hobbies include composing music, singing, webdesign, drawing, and randomly learning things typically via internet surfing.

Nice to meet yall

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MadMadamMim says, "SWEET! You rarely see this character done! It looks so nice and finished! It looks like it was surprisingly confortable too. "
For Sailor Lead Crow from Sailor Moon Seramyu Musicals
AeonisPi says, "Thank you so much <3 Yep, my partner cast all the tiara gems and brooch gems."
For Sailor Mercury from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
stardancer says, "You all look amazing, gorgeous costumes! "
For Sailor Mercury from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Himeno says, "yay for making costumes in the hotel room :3"
For Chun Li from Street Fighter III
akaihime says, "<3"
For Sailor V from Codename: Sailor V