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My name is Suzanne (aka Sparkle Pipsi), I'm a veteran cosplayer with over 10 years of experience creating and modeling costumes. I'm always looking for a new technical challenge, and have skills in sewing, prop/armor making, wig styling, and electronics. I particularly love dressing up as idols and magical girls! ~ ♥

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Expo 2015

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jazqui says, "oh my gosh, this photo is so cute, haha. But you are so flawless as Venus, as usual!! <33"
For Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon
neoangelwink says, "so cute"
For Minako Aino from Sailor Moon
Ammie says, "Great Sailor Venus! You got the perfect shade of orange for the fuku too! "
For Sailor Venus from Sailor Moon
hezachan says, "I absolutely LOVE these costumes. You guys did a wonderful job. Congrats on getting the wild card!"
For Chi / Chii / Elda from Chobits
Kimmy says, "So cute! You all did a wonderful job bringing these outfits to life!"
For Honoka Kosaka from Love Live!