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Big thanks to my Nii-sama Lionel for making me Celestial!

Sometimes I like wearing strange clothes in strange countries at strange times. No, I did not get shorter. LET'S BE FRIENDS! 8D

Next Convention Appearance: Dragon*Con 2014

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jazqui says, "GORGEOUS. I love that you made the blue dress!! It doesn't get near enough love."
For Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty
akaihime says, "my child hood ;u;"
For Mytho from Princess Tutu
XxEveillexX says, "YOU GUYS WERE PERFECT. *.*"
For Mytho from Princess Tutu
hezachan says, "So beautiful!!"
For Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knights Rayearth
Bur Loire says, "OUTER SENSHI 5 EVER"
For Sailor Saturn from Sailor Moon S