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I've been sewing since 1993 and cosplaying since 2004. With experience in a vast number of textile arts and crafts, I like to test new techniques and use historical influences to make my costumes. By blending innovation and classic inspiration, my interests and passions come to life- Though sometimes it takes more than one try to get it right.

After my first decade of costuming, I've started to share my knowledge and experience with the cosplay community through panels, tutorials, and personal consultations in my home studio. I enjoy teaching craftsmanship to eager young artisans, and showing them techniques that can help bring their craft to the next level.

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Expo 2016

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Devonry says, "I creeped you down via Google, hahaha. I had such a good time with you guys! I hope we can all do some Fate nerdery or other nonsense next year, because you guys absolutely made the con for me. <3 "
For Saber from Fate/Zero
zipchan says, "I saw you at the Fate shoot on Saturday! :D Your Saber is gorgeous. <3"
For Saber from Fate/Zero
minako55nz says, "Ahh your Black Canary is so good!!!"
For Black Canary from DC Comics
Devonry says, "Thank you! I bought white beads and painted them to match the armor, and just found some silver beads in my stash to use for spacers. "
For Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth
Envel says, "This looks beautiful! I love the beads you used for the earring!"
For Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth