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I've been doing cosplay since 2003. I've made over 50+ Costumes & clothing articles. Not all are posted here, but these are the ones I'm particularly proud of. Enjoy!

Next Convention Appearance: ColossalCon (Cleveland) 2015

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MadMadamMim says, "Thanks! Miss you lots! <3<3<3 "
For Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman
Terranell says, "You're such a lovely Wonder Woman! I love this variation."
For Wonder Woman from Wonder Woman
mailfantasy says, "Very sultry sexy! Great job!"
For Helena from Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
MadMadamMim says, "Thanks! :D I didn't get to see you and your Yuri except from my balcony at the convention. Your props and contruction were great. "
For Kei from Dirty Pair
mostflogged says, "BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN ERRYWHERE Seriously though you and your friend look awesome in these!! *A*"
For Kei from Dirty Pair