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Let's see, about the con. I get the feeling that it was so big that I didn't get to do everything I wanted and yet at the same time there were so many things I didn't care to do. I probably spent way too much time of the con switching cosplays and looking for people. In the past I never had issues doing 5-7 cosplays yet this time it really seemed to cut into the time, probably because it wasn't just me changing but the rest of my cosplay group. I only need 20 minutes to change cosplays; I think it took around 2 hours each time this con. Anyway.....so we drove to my house on Thursday. I tried to go to sleep so that I could drive on Friday morning. I just couldn't fall asleep...in the end we left around 3 am since I might as well drive if I couldn't sleep. The drive was good --no sheeting rain this year!!! We changed into our Hunter x Hunter cosplays. It was lots of fun especially the amount of nostalgia for some people. We stood in line to get the priority wristbands for the con. I found out this year, they were practically useless. We stood in line twice since Kurapika forgot her ID card. Then we stood in line for opening ceremonies. It was kinda fun. Except they went way past the scheduled time limit. I ended up running out of there so that Grell would make it to the cosplay chess pre-meeting. I'm kinda sad, that I didn't get in chess for my cosplay; kinda pissed that they didn't even let applicants know if they didn't get in--an email denial would have been nice. I think we con wandered for awhile (I already have a faulty memory of this con). I think we went to the artist alley sometime around then. I bought a pretty Teikoku Inazuma Eleven print from a Hiroto. Right, then I got the crushing news, texted to me by a classmate, that the ochem test scores were up. Me and my curious self had to see what I got. I failed the test and that killed my mood for the rest of the day/con. I had trouble being happy, enthusiastic Gon. Anyway, I believe at this time we went back to the hotel and changed outfit to Vampire Knight. My sister bought me this cosplay years ago for Christmas and I've never wore it to an event before. I think we went to the vendors and there met :iconnyanyakoyo:, :iconninjagal6: and a Kasuga as Gakuen Basara--Ninja Trio!!! Afterwards we went to the learn to dance panel. Myself and Zero knowing once again lots more than they were teaching. It was still fun however. We also then got in line for the masquerade ball. Last year I think we used our wristbands to get in, but couldn't this year. Met up with Russia for a bit. I think that after that we were so exhausted, we decided to call it a night. Instead we drove to Bellevue for Din Tai Fung! I really thought the food was good but it seemed a bit overpriced compared to Taiwan. I crashed after that.

The next morning I felt so bad for ~shadow-freak cause not only did she really not get any sleep the week prior, but she also got up early on Saturday morning to finish styling my TYL Tsuna wig. Lesson one in con procedures--try not to procrastinate. An hour in the morning was spent in the TYL jumpsuits and joining up with :iconnappochan:, :icontv-hero:, :icontobihobi615: and :icontv-villain: as the primo gen. I'm so sorry guys that mi famiglia couldn't hang around longer. We then watched the cosplay skit contest. And then went back to the hotel and changed into Kuroshitsuji cosplay. We decided we were hungry and ate instead of going to the Kuroshitsuji photoshoot. We watched cosplay chess and then I don't remember exactly what we did after that. I changed back into Gon from HxH and Cheryl into Hibari's casual outfit. I went to Subway for dinner with Kurapika. I then dragged Hibari to the Reborn Shipping Wars panel. Where we ran into THE ANT KING!!!! Soooooo amazing!!!!!! That was really fun. Uhmm....then we ran back so Hibari could change back to Killua and we took pics with the ant king. So happy someone else loves HxH. We did karaoke that night along with Endou and Hiroto from Inazuma Eleven. I think that was Saturday....

Sunday went by really quickly. I was Kyuubei from Gintama. We met up with the Inazuma group we hung out with so much. Hiroto was Kidou that morning. Yeah, I honestly don't think we did anything else that morning except meet up with :iconsogequeen-perona: and her brother as a big Gintama group. Lol, gin-chan and paako reproduced and had a smaller gin-chan. The four roomies had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory before I took my car of peoples home.

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