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Hello, Im a cosplayer from California. Have been cosplaying since 2006. I love everything that falls under the umbrella of art and secretly fights for love and justice :D

Next Convention Appearance: Anime Conji 2014

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SailorAnime says, "You're a very cute Alice! And your photos are adorable! <3"
For Alice Liddell from Heart no Kuni no Alice ~ Wonderful Wonder World~
lunaladyoflight says, "Gorgeous!"
For Tsuyuri Kohane from xxxHoLic
mlarad says, "Thank you! :D"
For Bolin from Legend of Korra, The
jazqui says, "You're adorable, aha. You make a great Bolin!!"
For Bolin from Legend of Korra, The
mlarad says, "Thank you! :D"
For Lily Evans from Harry Potter