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Hello, My name is Rebecca and I am an american cosplayer, married to a Japanese cosplayer (username: kogasan24) and now residing in Tokyo Japan. All of the costumes you see here are hand made and designed by myself. I even hand tool my?own patterns half the time since cosplay is usually very DIY. I have been a cosplayer for 8 years now, though I have been sewing costumes longer than that for medieval fairs and Halloween events.

You can check out my other projects at www.facebook.com/celestialshadowcosplay

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CelestialShadow says, "thanks!"
For Ophiuchus Shaina from Saint Seiya
yuna-kallen-rinoa says, "nice job you did"
For Ophiuchus Shaina from Saint Seiya
ashley says, "Wow, this costume is GREAT on you! "
For Queen Emeraldas from Queen Emeraldas
Terranell says, "If the dyed peacock feathers didn't sell me on your Esper look, then that fabulous wig certainly did! I love your vision and the elements of the different art styles, what a fabulous cosplay."
For Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI
UsagiHime says, "*___* This is incredible!"
For Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing from Hellsing