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Hi there! I'm Sarah, also known as Adella in the cosplay world. I've been cosplaying since 2000/2001, and I just adore it. I love to sew, write, draw, and play video games. I'm best known for my Final Fantasy 7 Aeris/Aerith costumes, but I have done many others.

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Xyon Koreen says, "By far the prettiest Ayeka I've seen. You did a fantastic job bringing her to life."
For Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo
Nekosuki says, "I'm making a Belle just like this one and I was wondering where you took your pictures?"
For Belle from Beauty and the Beast
missrelena says, "Finally! I gorgeous Winnowill cosplayer that does the sneaky anti-healer justice! You are amazing!"
For Winnowill from Elfquest
bunny.jack says, "omg such a perfect Ayeka <3!!!!!!"
For Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo
Die says, "im totally gonna have to dress up like a giant cup and be ur chip one d ay"
For Belle from Beauty and the Beast