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sakakirose says, "You are such a cute Ginko~"
For Ginko Yurishiro from Yuri Kuma Arashi
Kichara says, "Always sooo nice to see awesome Baccano cosplay! I love you and your Jacuzzi! <3 "
For Nice Holystone from Baccano!
ZackPuppy says, "You know I'm all about that waist~"
For Akihito Kanbara from Kyoukai no Kanata
akitokitty says, "Kuma-Shock!! I love it! The crown looks awesome and I love how the skirt flares out like that. "
For Ginko Yurishiro from Yuri Kuma Arashi
Starrys says, "I did! I just bought a white shirt and a black shirt from Goodwill, and made sure that the buttons and buttonholes were spaced the same, and that the collar was the same size on both. The only real difficult part was the collar, because I had to seam rip it open and try to sew the two sides together, and then stitch the collar back down again, but it might be easier to just leave the collar white or black, and take the collar off of the other shirt before sewing it all together?"
For Monobear from Dangan Ronpa