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Hello this is Dokudel! I started cosplaying back in 1998 as Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy 7) and my first time going to a convention/cosplay was 2001 as Cammy White (Street Fighter). Since then I made numerous costumes for myself and for others. So far I have only traveled on the east coast for cons, someday I will venture out to west coast cons. I have a love for anything old school so you will notice a lot of the characters I choose to portray are not up to date with the times. If you ever want to chat up online, meet me at a con or etc. Just message me on here! ^_^

If you would like to hire me for a cosplay guest, panelist, judge, model or commission email me at dokudel@hotmail.com

~*Thank you to one of my longest cosplay buddy EMP_Maniac for upgrading my account as as a birthday gift!*~

Next Convention Appearance: Animazement 2015

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anneesandwich says, "So nice! Love the tulle."
For Charmander from Pokemon
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MadMadamMim says, "Nice!"
For Casshern from Casshern
Zadra says, "Oh damn! I didn't even realize this was you! I totally saw you at MAGfest"
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Dokudel says, "Thank you so much! ^_^"
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