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The last costume update here is from a convention from five years ago. But...with my life in order I'm hoping to make a return to the fray. Look forward to seeing old friends and making new! Much

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Jeikobu says, "INCREDIBLE nails. Wish you had more pictures."
For Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon
Mya Kitsune says, "whoa, this deffinately the best Kero on the site. it's the best I've seen yet!!"
For Kero-chan from Card Captor Sakura
nekoblondie says, "Wow! This costume is super amazing! Could you possibly tell me how to make it or something? I mean, this looks ridiculously high-quality. It also makes me smile that you cosplayed this particular character. My email is inu7kagfanatic3@yahoo.com I would L"
For Kaitou Jeanne from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Lil*Alice*Lolita says, "best Kero on site, lol!"
For Kero-chan from Card Captor Sakura