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I am Nathalie but friends call me Natan. I am 23 and I live in The Netherlands. My hobby's are drawing, crafting, games, motorcycling and much more. Visit my blog for more about me!

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Alessa says, "ah, sooo cool! I twas so nice to meet you! *hugs*"
For Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2
Red.xiii says, "Great costume, you look stunning, please dont kill me when the goddess incarnate kicks in. ;) "
For Heather Morris from Silent Hill 3
Miri says, "Neat costume! Looks very nice, and I love those leggings!"
For Team Magma Member from Pokemon
Miri says, "Ah, yes. Pyramid Head. So awesome, nice job here. :D"
For Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2