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-Arrived in Lockon, got delayed in getting there because there was two car accidents on the way. Slowing traffic down, but I finally arrived and got everyone out of the car into the convention.
-Met up with Muze and got the Hallelujah wig on him. Gave him the Byakuran wig to borrow as well~ Went later with Muze to see his friends. Everyone was really cool and made me feel welcomed~ Afterwards had a lot of fun Gundam 00 times. XD Was lots of fun playing dead during the photoshoot most of the time lol.
-After Gundam 00, went back to hotel room and changed into Mikuo. Waited for Azu to arrive, seemed she arrived late, so I decided to drop Kaito and just do Mikuo with her. It was lots of fun doing Mikuo and Miku. People seemed to really liked it haha and it was a fun being a mirror gender swap. If anyone shouted for my attention at the con, I'm sorry I probably didn't respond because with the headset I was deaf. XD;
-After Vocaloid, I went to get ready for Blassreiter for night. So I changed into Snow. Short shorts... (>>); Nothing much else to do that time aside waiting, so I dressed Azu up into my Kaito. She made a cute Kaito~ I helped her with make up and such. Was pretty fun to have her wearing my costume with my ice cream running around. XD Since I can't do it.
-Only food I think I kind of had, as Azu puts it, was "Grass" so I ate some grass(lettuce) with azu in the hotel room before the shooting times.
-Blassreiter shoot at 8pm was pushed till later the day, so I was just waiting around for it. Hanged out with Azu most of the time. Then later, when Muze was ready to get into Joseph, we waited for our photographer who was doing shoots. In the end due to the lateness, I was very tired and sleepy and Muze's contacts started to make his eyes very pink/red, the shoot got dropped. Muze and I just went to take photos of each other. So gladly we had photos~ Didn't get to do Amanda though but I'll save it for next time.
-Went to sleep after the long day of getting everything settled down. For some reason my eyes didn't feel so good that day, must of been too much contacts changes I did in that small time. Don't know, I did more at Fanime ah well.

-Woke up early and got into my Stalker cosplay from Ragnarok Online. Azu got into her High Priest cosplay. We took some photos but mostly was walking around in it. Sadly didn't get to do the shoot I wanted to do for RO. But I'll make up to that later, we got some photos though, I liked the ones I got for her costume though. :D It was fun being Smoking Hot Guys. As we put it at the convention.
-One of the guest artists at Yaoi con took our photo and I was like, heeyy. That was nice she was fan of the cosplays.
-I started to feel very uncomfortable about my Stalker cosplay, due to the armguards, was ok with the stomach showing but it was kind of chilly. So afterwards I went to my room to change out of my Stalker, Azu left to do her layers of fabric cosplay. :p I started to think of what to do, since I dropped what was originally my plan for that time. So due to the open time I decided to start my surprises for the weekend~
-I changed into Hitomi from Dead or Alive 4, unexpectly to anyone that I brought that back to life. I didn't feel like wearing Miss Spencer because her heels hurt and wasn't really brought for me to wear. So Hitomi was a good bad up I decided to bring. I was glad to get some photos for Hitomi~ I never really got good photos for that version of her. It was quite relaxing to wear except the stomach part but that's ok.
-Later that time, I saw Sai and PL, talked to them shortly and went with them to get some food. I bought a really small cold thing to eat so wasn't much but was something I suppose. (^^); But it was fun with them for the short time. :D
-Came back to the convention and went to the room. Got txt from Jimmy telling me they are coming to the con finally. They have told me a few days before Ycon that him and his friends wanted to do Togainu no Chi. So I prepared everything for them~ I dropped my Togainu group due to time restrictions but I brought Kiriwar to the con. Then had to not wear it too because it wasn't possible to fit Kiriwar into my tight schedule for Saturday. The guys came up to my room and I helped everyone of them get into my Togainu cosplays haha. It was interesting, took a while, but I had to make sure I get Gunzi's details on. So people who spotted an all male Togainu group. They we're wearing my costumes. Solves the questions of, hey I've seen those before. XD
-After that, I was in my room putting stuff aside. I switched into my second surprise. Jet from Neo Angelique, people didn't know the series or character but I didn't really care. I really loved the cosplay and character. And delaying the debut for it made it better to be finished nicely. So much <3~ And it was really fun that I fooled almost everyone with that cosplay.
-Got Jet a shoot from Lionel due to my dropped shoot for Lamento. It worked out nicely, I really loved the photos~ I was pretty surprised how tired I felt a bit afterwards wearing this costume for a short while. My eyes were really red/pink and I didn't notice during con time.
-Lastly I proceeded with my last surprise~ which was kind of cosplay related. I showed up as a judge for the cosplay contest at Yaoi Con. That was pretty fun, since I haven't judged in such a long while, was happy to be invited to do it. Fun when people were wondering where I was and didn't recognize me in Jet at the judging table. XD I love this cosplay <3 And it made it funner that I didn't smile, so I looked in character, my sunglasses hid my eyes too. :3
-The cosplay contest was interesting, very different than other contest's I've judged before. I really loved all the winners, they were all the ones I thought deserved what they should win. <3 And I'll say here, I was not being bias because I knew some of the winners, they deserved to win because everything they did was very quality. I loved it. :D And, just wow, Rhi, that Daryan wig- We really need to get some epic Klavier and Daryan times! :O The whole time I saw you I was like, where's my Klavier. D: ... <3 We must plan out times for Apollo Justice again!
-After the cosplay contest, I was tired and headed back to the hotel room. Took off my sunglasses and it was horrible. XD;; My eyes were like red/pink. I used 7-8 eyedrops per eye to make it normal again. Since I have to put contacts in for my VK.
-Waiting for Azu to finish her shoot, I slowly got Kaname on. Originally was suppose to do Zero but because of Azu couldn't get the other uniform in time, we switched to being Vamp Kaname and Regular Yuki. I'll make it up to Zero for sure one day.
-Then we went to the photoshoot with Lionel, It felt so appropiate to do this at night. <3 It was kind of hard talking in the teeth though it was interesting especially since it seemed to make me talk kind of funny. :p The photoshoot was very fun. Had some fun chats and then afterwards went to sleep a little late due to cleaning up.

-Woke up early, was pretty tired. I got into my comfy Alto cosplay. I finished styling the wig in the hotel room in the morning because there wasn't anything else to do. Stayed in the hotel for a bit and made sure everything was packed up. Azu came over in her Klan, her outfit was so cuute. Helped her trim her wig and we got ready and went outside.
-The guests took photo with me, lol, fun. :D I helped ran the pictionary game for the first game, that was fun. Especially when Macross Frontier came up, sadly no one knew what it was, well the contestants not sure about the audience, since they could of just drawn me. XD
-Natasha and Chibi made it Yaoi Con. They're cosplays were so nice and cute~ glittery too. I hanged out with them for a bit as Azu was running around getting things ready to leave. Azu rejoined up shortly and we were sitting around waiting for Lionel whenever he can do our shoot.
-We finally had our photoshoot for Macross Frontier, that was a lot of fun. Especially with the silly parts. XD
-Shortly, I changed out of Alto, the wig started to bother me for being so tangled. I got into normal clothes. I went to eat with Lionel, Natasha, Chibi and Jason. We visited Lionel's house before we went to eat, that was cool. Ate at Shabu Shabu, which mostly served Ramen... I ordered Udon, which gladly was a good choice because the ramen was way to much if I did order it. That was the only meal/hot food I got in my stomach the whole weekend. XD;
-After that, had some interesting subjects that everyone talked about, I returned to the convention pretty late, around 6ish. Went to retrieve Azu's lost Poring at the hotel front, chatted with Lionel shortly, I thank you a lot for taking me around and all the fun shoots~ It was a fun weekend, I really appreciate it. :3
-Waited for our ride home, left the con at 9-10 to go home. I was glad I had an extra dress shirt that was in my bag to wear, it started to get cold. And Azu, your poring was a nice cushion even though it was in a bag. :p I fell asleep in the car, I was pretty exhuasted and tired. Finally arrived back home around 1am and got my stuff unpacked, fell fast asleep after that.

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