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Video games, cosplay, reading, drawing, computer addict, anime, manga, making music and love to listen to all kinds of music including Jrock, k-pop and whatever as long as it sounds good 2 me ^_^.

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Loliheaven says, "(^_^) Thank You! I Love your Harle as well the Choice of Fabric Is wonderful Maby some time we can take pictures together. "
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
Hime no Toki says, "Your Harle is SPECTACULAR! I remember first seeing it years ago and being so inspired by it. I especially love the headpiece, one of very few I've seen do it right! :D"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross
Avelia says, "Lovely harle costume!"
For Harlequin from Chrono Cross